HTS Ventures

HTS Ventures

Innovations exhilarate us.
At HTP, we are always on the look for opportunities to accelerate IT companies. Thus, the High Technology Park of the Kyrgyz Republic launched HTS Ventures, an incubation program designed to help the early-stage tech startups to scale their businesses.

After a careful assessment of applications, selected startups join HTS Ventures for 3 months and gain:
• Mentorship and administrative support;
• Legal and technical guidance;
• Access to exclusive networking events;
• Participation in international forums and conferences;
• Exposure to industry leaders and international investors;
• Opportunity to secure first customers;
• Free office space at High Tech Space;
• Community of seasoned tech companies and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Throughout the program, HTS Ventures run events on a range of topics critical to launching a business and gaining traction. Topics include legal, sales, marketing, pitching, and capital-raising. Events are run by experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs from our network and partner organizations. We encourage the growth of local talent and invite all IT enthusiasts to unlock the potential of their tech projects together with HTS Ventures!