Sales Growth

Sales Growth

The High Technology Park is committed to developing Kyrgyzstan’s IT sector and its global outreach. In order to achieve further market expansion, the park puts in efforts stimulating sales growth of its residents through numerous activities. It’s an ongoing initiative supported by the HTP Directorate as well as various government bodies, international organizations, and partners.

One of the initiatives is to introduce foreign audiences to Kyrgyzstan’s IT capacity and its local talents through the conduction of forums inviting investors and representatives of large companies from the US, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and more.

Another approach by HTP is the organization of professional trips to global events that allow Kyrgyz IT companies to network, reach potential clients, and be a part of the most influential tech festivals.

The HTP Directorate is also providing sales opportunities for its residents through different projects, competitions, hackathons, and with the support of the foreign embassies in the country, an upcoming major international IT conference to name a few. Overall, HTP is creating a thriving environment and maintaining the acceleration of Kyrgyzstan’s IT companies.