Tengri Bank

By Attractor Software


The Tengri project is a banking payment system, which has been re-integrated with:
the internal banking system,
a company that provides processing services,
the national payment system,
SMS provider.
This project was built as the foundation for the possibility of connecting several banking systems, as well as the place through which you can pay for a variety of services, ranging from someone use the municipal payments and ending Internet shops. Users of the system pay by electronic money, which are backed by money from the issuer's bank. The system allows you to keep records of the purchase and sale of electronic money by individuals, suppliers, and sellers of electronic money. One of the strengths of the system is the ability to answer questions: how much electronic money in the system and how much to keep in an individual account to the issuing bank of real money. The interaction of the Tengri system with the national payment system was carried out using EDS (electronic digital signature). Project architecture is based on the services that communicate with each other asynchronously. Services are further split and packaged in docker-containers. The process of "continuous delivery" has been configured during the project. A set of docker-containers and instructions for the deployment of the system was given to the bank and after were deploying the system in production mode.




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