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The application was realized in the frame of Central Asia Hackathon of open data. The "Rocket" team by supplied data developed the prototype of the app during the hackathon. The prototype was awarded with the second place in team credits and selected as one of the applications for further development.
Utilization goals and application capacity
The primary goal is to utilize open data provided by Ministry of Education of Kyrgyz Republic as well as NTC results. The app is built upon the opportunity to track and manage data conveniently. The data from NT Center are gathered once a year.
The app provides with the following capabilities:
To find and view school profile with data from the test. The app supplies with search upon school names and from the results list a school can be selected to display profile, contact, and address. Furthermore, the test’s result statistics are available.
To view statistics of best schools. By NT Center results school rating was formed which can be seen through filters according to regions and subjects of the test.
Results check was realized in the app. A student can indicate their name and surname to display the test results.

Technologies used: Python (Django), JavaScript.




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