Open Parlament

By Attractor Software


The application was realized in the frame of Central Asian Hackathon of open data.
"Open parliament" team based on provided data developed an application prototype during the hackathon. The prototype was awarded with as “The best functional work” and selected as one of the applications for further development.
Utilization goals and application capacity
The primary goal is to use open data provided on the government website. The app is built upon the idea of convenient tracking and utilization of data. The data about laws, deputies and election results gather from the government website automatically.
The app provides with the following features:
Subscription to law changes. Any user can subscribe to follow the interested project. Data about laws gather from the website within a list of government laws.
View the results of voting for the bills. Project page contains a list of all the stages of the project including the step of voting. If the voting results were posted on the government website, they would be available for browsing and view from the page of bill view. Thus at one place, all project information gets together, and you can see how each member voted. Data on the voting results is moving from the government website page of election results.
View the profile of individual member and results of his voting. There’s primitive information about the member on the profile page. Besides, the profile page contains the attendance list of the member by provided data about parliament member’s activeness. Information about parliament member’s participation in sessions automatically gathers from the government website.
View total voting statistics. On the statistics page, general indicators of attendance of sessions by deputies by voting results are collected.

Technologies used: PHP (Symphony), JavaScript, HTML, Python.




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