The World Nomad Games website

By Attractor Software


In September 2016, Kyrgyzstan hosted the II World Nomad Games on the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake that attracted teams from 19 countries. For this large-scale project, the organizers built a massive site for competitions in 23 kinds of ethnic sports as well as cultural events and exhibition performances.

Our team was assigned to create a visually impactful wow-website that would tell about ethnic sports and cover the events of the II World Nomad Games.

The main page takes us to the world of the nomadic sports showing the competition schedule, news, the tournament results, eye-catching photos and videos. Simple user interface and accessibility of information were our priority tasks. We tried to interconnect all website pages so that users could get information barely using navigation.

The design features traditional ornaments linking sports with the culture of the nomadic people. We didn’t forget about mountains. Parallax-bloc displays Rukh Ordo, one of the four sites for competitions, and gives users a chance to see the beauty of the Kyrgyzstan’s mountains firsthand.

The eye-catching website of the II World Nomad Games makes users want to view it, to read and explore it. It is available in three languages - Kyrgyz, Russian, and English, and has got an adaptive design for various screen resolutions and a mobile version.




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