Starting Off the Digital Economy Month

Starting Off the Digital Economy Month

On July 2 2020, the High Technology Park in partnership with the State Committee of Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Ministry of Economics of the Kyrgyz Republic announced the series of webinars on topics of the digital economy.

The goal of the webinar cycle is to provide learning opportunities for various sectors of the economy about innovative digital solutions for their businesses, to support the employment of the population through the acquisition of digital skills and competencies, and to assist in improving business performance amid economic consequences of the pandemic.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus in the world and in Kyrgyzstan has forced many businessmen and entrepreneurs to shift their priorities and change the usual approaches. Even the companies that traditionally provide offline services are now actively adapting their business within the new reality. Thus, digital services and innovative business approaches have become more relevant than ever. In this economic situation, the HTP decided to share its experience and be useful in scaling up digital knowledge and skills among the population.

Throughout July 2020, speakers of the webinars will introduce digital technologies that could help increase the efficiency of business processes, optimize costs, improve communications, logistics, and help to be more resilient to challenges of the pandemic. As a result, participants of the marathon will be able to better navigate the choice of technological solutions to improve competitiveness in global and local markets, increase their digital skills, and gain new business knowledge.