Open Contracting Challenge in Kyrgyzstan

Open Contracting Challenge in Kyrgyzstan

Open Contracting Challenge aims to support the creation of tools based on open contracting data.
We want to encourage collaborations & partnerships of non-governmental actors with central & local authorities creating innovations that contribute to:

  1. Support data-driven analysis, financial & civic control over public spending
  2. Empower authorities to deliver better value for money and boost their efficiency
  3. Create fairer competition
  4. Detect and prevent fraud & corruption
  5. Drive effective goods & service delivery for citizens

9 teams that will get to the finals (3 per country) will receive $ 5,000 USD of seed funding to develop their projects.
Three grand prizes of $15,000 USD each (1 per country) of direct financial support over the course of the program, depending on team progress and needs.
Winners will receive support for documentation, and communication from OCP comms consultants to develop 1 blog/story and other communication materials.

Who can apply

Innovation Challenge 2021 in the EECA region supports projects from Moldova, Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan.
We are looking for data journalists, civic technologists, hackers, open data enthusiasts, citizen activists & government innovators who understand the transformational impact on people’s lives that better public contracting can have.
If you have any doubts about applying for the Innovation Challenge, register and come to the Q&A sessions and ask all your questions on 30 April and 6 May.

Eligibility criteria

  • Your team has to represent civil society, or government-civil society partnership, of one of the following countries - Moldova, Kazakhstan, or Kyrgyzstan, pursuing a project that aims to develop a tool using open contracting data 
  • You have to be able to dedicate significant energy and time to this project so that you can pursue your idea and make consistent progress. 
  • Your team members should have a working level of Russian & a basic level of English to benefit from group seminars and exchanges. 
  • For a complete list of eligibility criteria & limitations, see the Innovation Challenge 2021 guiding materials.

Entries open

The Innovation Challenge will be open for entries from 15 April until 15 May. During this month we will have two Q&A sessions – 30 April & 6 May for all your questions. To enter, participants must complete the application form.

More info at OCC website.