There is a special tax benefits for the HTP residents:

  • -0% profit tax
  • -0% sales tax
  • -0% value added tax
  • Decreased 5% income tax
  • Decreased 12% insurance premiums on average monthly salary (fixed social tax payments of about 30$ per month)

Residents at HTP

  • 1

    Applicant submits listed documents that will be reviewed within 1 month

  • 2

    If application is successful, the company receives primary registration for 6 months

  • 3

    If it demonstrates MVP in the related activity within these 6 month, the company receives final registration

  • 4

    We expect that companies will receive 80% of revenues from the exports after 1 year has passed from the final registration

* Quarterly payments account for 1% of revenues for the previous quarter.
(Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on HTP KR)


  1. Statement of registration

  2. Constituency documents:

    • Charter and constituency agreement
    • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity (individual entrepreneur)
    • Protocol / decision on the appointment of the head of a legal entity
  3. Business plan

  4. Legal Entity’s Passport

  5. Power of Attorney for the representative and his/her ID

  6. Copy of the balance sheet

  7. Additional materials (agreements, memorandum, certificates, etc.)

  8. Scanned copies of aforementioned documents

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