By Zensoft


When the client turned to Zensoft, he was working on device called SmartEar wich supposed to provide a completely hands-free way of communication using voice assistance technology. The device is completely voice controlled, works in any auditory environment thanks to automatic noise cancellation and directional voice capture. Using intelligent machine learning the platform is able to understand conversational speech and to deliver smart notifications to the user.

As one of the voice assistant’s main ideas is using it for communication, to engage people using it Zensoft team created the design of the messenger application intended mostly for corporate communications. The application is focused on using voice assistant instead of manual text input and could be used both with SmartEar device as well as without it. The application contains list of dialogues and ongoing conference calls waiting for participation on the homescreen, the list of all team members on the Contacts screen and list of all groups divided into yours and all other groups.

There is also an opportunity to capture and to store 30-second notes that could be found later in the Notes tab. The ability to switch between teams and enable messenger mode is also designed in the application. Using the application together with SmartEar device provides a new way of fast and effective communication to people who are working in absolutely different environments from transportation or hospitality to construction or even healthcare completely hands-free without being distracted on the job.