By Zensoft


Olive’s rounding engine increases user adoption and user engagement. Two-thirds of North Americans under age 35 have saved less than $1000. Micro-investment platforms using rounding have become an attractive tool to combat this growing issue.
The mobile application provides a user with a simple and easy to use experience for making savings or giving rewarding through using the offers from partners thanks to intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. User starts to use the application after getting the invitation to become a member of some Benefit Group. In the Profile section, Personal and Contact Information are set. Here the user is also able to attach card(s) he is going to use with the application. Rounding section allows a user to set parameters for saving or giving money from each transaction, manage cards attached to the application and to see the list of transactions performed so the total amount of money spend and correspondingly the amount of total rounding could be found here. Dashboard provides user with the most needed and important information such as Rounding Summary Graph, Active Cards and Offers that could be used at the moment. For better user experience dashboard could be customized by the user accordingly to his preferences. Offers section presents the list of discounts or other attractive offers for a defined Benefit Group. Here user can find offers history including Active, Claimed and Expired offers with detailed information about each one. Map and the list with offer’s vendor's addresses open with one click from “About offer” page.




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