Eric Livny visited HTP Kyrgyzstan

Eric Livny visited HTP Kyrgyzstan

The main thing in the development of any state is human resources, Eric Livny said.


The day before, Eric Livny, the Regional Lead Economist for Central Asia at the EBRD made a presentation "Startup Nation: the experience of Israel, lessons for Central Asia". 


As you know, Israel is one of the most developed ecosystems in the world: according to Bloomberg, the country ranks third among the most innovative states. Although a little more than 9 million people live there. But the ecosystem of startups is so developed that it is very different from what is in Silicon Valley.


The State of Israel was created in the middle of the desert, where there was nothing, but the task was to use the available resources and create a full life for people. This mentality, according to experts, formed the approach: "When there are no resources, people in Israel create these resources."


The Israelis call themselves a startup nation, and the innovative approach laid down by the state and has been developing for more than 70 years. 


Almost all major global companies have R&D centers in Israel. There are a huge number of startups whose developments are used all over the world. Today, Israel is the leader in the number of unicorns (companies with a market valuation of more than $1 billion). 


The main secret of success is the education system (the second part of the state budget expenditures after the army). It keeps up with the times. 


The invited speaker spoke in detail about the experience of Israel, and answered the questions of the audience. 


Reference: Eric Livny has been working at the EBRD as a Regional Lead Economist for Central Asia since September 2019. He advises senior management on the Bank's country strategies, liaises with governments and international financial institutions, and leads the industrial policy stream within the Bank's Community of Practice on Competition Policy.



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