Jarryd Huntley visited the office of the HTP of the Kyrgyzstan

Jarryd Huntley visited the office of the HTP of the Kyrgyzstan

Jarryd Huntley visited the office of the Hi-Tech Park of Kyrgyzstan. He arrived in Kyrgyzstan last week, at the Central Asia Games Show, as a speaker. During these days, he managed to get acquainted with the participants of the GameDev industry in Central Asia and their products, shared his invaluable experience, visited Issyk-Kul. And today the heads of the Directorate - Azis Abakirov and Chubak Temirov - conducted a tour for him, told about the residents of the Park. 


Reference: Jarryd Huntley is the lead performance engineer at the virtual reality studio "Owlchemy Labs" (Google). He plays an important role in the field of game development in Cleveland (USA), as a teacher conducting seminars and courses, as well as as an organizer of the community of game developers in his region. He was the lead programmer of the game "We are OFK 2022", which was released on PC, Switch, PS4 and PS5. He is also the co-author of the 2017 book "Game Programming for Artists", nominated for the "Video Game Awards Future Class - 2021".




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