How a digital nomad can start an IT company in Kyrgyzstan?

How a digital nomad can start an IT company in Kyrgyzstan?

Chubak Temirov, Deputy Director of the High-Tech Park of Kyrgyzstan, held a webinar yesterday for the "РБК Pro" audience (a service for entrepreneurs, managers and specialists who wants to change and change their business).


Theme of the online event: "How can a digital nomad open an IT company in Kyrgyzstan?"


During the webinar (which lasted about 1 hour), the speaker managed to talk about almost all the benefits that need to start a technology business in our country. Here are the main theses of Chubak Temirov's speech:


1. Kyrgyzstan entered the TOP-20 countries-reformers of the "Doing Business-2020" rating (an index for comparing the ease of doing business between 190 countries of the world).


2. Kyrgyzstan, according to for 2022, ranked second in the world ranking and first among the CIS countries in the list of states with the cheapest mobile Internet ($0.05 per 1GB of traffic).


3. The status of "Digital Nomad" gives the right to open a company in Kyrgyzstan in just three days, as it makes it possible to automatically receive a personal identification number.


4. In Kyrgyzstan, compared with the countries of Central Asia and some CIS countries, the lowest tax rates: the average tax burden is at the level of 32% (Russia - 58%, Armenia - 65%, Kazakhstan - 42%, Uzbekistan - 56%).


5. Kyrgyzstan has concluded agreements on avoidance of double taxation with more than 30 countries of the world.


6. Technopark first appeared in the Central Asian region, starting its activities in Kyrgyzstan. The business model that was used to launch it showed excellent results and formed the basis for the creation of another park - the Park of Creative Industries of Kyrgyzstan.


7. The High-Tech Park of Kyrgyzstan provides tax benefits for those IT companies that work for export (upon request, its share must be at least 80%).


8. Kyrgyzstan is attractive for opening back offices ("good talent pool", "hungry for knowledge") and launching educational projects.


9. A law on venture investment is being created in Kyrgyzstan. If adopted, entrepreneurs will receive an additional incentive to launch technology startups.


10. Foreign IT companies can become "digital" ambassadors of the HTP, talking about its benefits to members of their community.


Full recording of the webinar on the "РБК Pro" website⬇️




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