Attractor Software doesn’t just develop what you ask for, they actually think out of the box and come up with creative solutions. They do independent research on different tools to help us to decide which path to choose. I’ve never encountered such a professional approach and devotion with any other team. Compared to other outsourced development firms, Attractor Software’s team actually thinks ...
When we came to Zensoft with our idea we couldn't even think that we would find here not only the most technically qualified individuals but also individuals that are passionate and excited about what OPEN is trying to do just as we are! Together we are building a high throughput network while creating a blockchain based platform from scratch that was easy for developers to interface with witho...
Zensoft stands out in several ways. A deep technical understanding to build the right thing the right way. The benefits that I’ve found the most valuable are with transparency in communication and status of development. Thoroughly understanding the business use case and a focus on execution to meet sprint goals. Overall I wish I’d found them 2 years earlier.
Need to move up a launch date? Want a bigger team working on your project? With Zensoft platform, you can log in and adjust your speed, spend and monthly capacity as needed.
We’re often asked how it was possible to create a software start-up if we had no background in coding. How does it work? We set the vision, and surround ourselves with a team who knows how to make it happen. We call them “our team” because everyone we’ve worked with at Zensoft takes great pride in their work and is genuinely invested in the product.


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